What is 5G?

5G or ‘fifth generation’ network is more than an evolution of wireless broadband, it is a key enabler of the future digital world and is already transforming our economic sectors.

Offering speeds 200x faster than 4G, and with capabilities of ultra-HD and 3D video, 5G is enabling a multitude of new applications across many sectors, providing entrepreneurs with an enhanced platform for innovation.

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Market Applications

5G connectivity is already being utilised for innovation across a range of market sectors. We are currently focusing our development around the areas of Healthcare, Transport, Internet of Things, and Autonomous Systems; however, we are not limited to those markets and will support innovation across all areas.

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Some of our current work

5G RuralDorset
We’re supporting Dorset Council with 5G trials across rural areas in the county, including business, personal and tourism uses of the enhanced connectivity.
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MK:5G Connected Communities
We’re currently developing the UK’s first private standalone 5G network for this project, allowing for network slicing for enhanced use.

Ambulance Connectivity
We’re working on providing an ambulance connectivity test facility with a range of satellite and terrestrial network options for technology trials.

Westcott Future Networks Development Centre

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You can hire our facilities from half a day up to a year. There are discounted rates for start-ups and early-stage businesses.

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